Who we are

Capital V is an early-stage venture capital firm. We identify category leading winners early, bring their ideas to market and catapult their growth through strategic counsel from seed to realized exit or IPO

Who we are

Launched on the foundation of our strategic communication arm, Bevel, the most sought after consultancy by technology founders and venture capital funds with deep expertise in fintech and crypto/web3.

We leverage our proven expertise in strategic communications to help identify winners and accelerate growth for our portfolio companies

Meet the Team

Jessica Schaefer - Founder & Partner

Jessica honed her communications skills during her tenure at Point72, where she led communications for the firm’s venture capital arm—Point72 Ventures—in addition to serving as Vice President of Corporate Communications of Steve Cohen’s family office. She then went on to found Bevel, a leading communications consultancy that works with venture capital funds, tech and fintech brands.